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Rights and Principles at the Internet Governance Forum

info: Submitted by Lisa Horner on Mon, 2009-08-17 15:44.

The Freedom of Expression Project participates in the annual UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF), and is an active supporter of the Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles. At the 2008 Forum in Hyderabad we brought together stakeholders from civil society, business and government to discuss how we can work together to mainstream human rights at the IGF.

The workshop highlighted the wide range of rights issues that different private sector, government and civil society stakeholders are working on in the context of the Internet Governance Forum. All discussants agreed that human rights are highly relevant to their work in terms of helping to frame and address issues, and in forming a common set of standards to underpin the values and principles of internet governance. There was general consensus that the IGF community should not be talking about the creation of new rights. Rather, existing rights embodied by the Universal Declaration need to be interpreted and applied to new contexts associated with the quickly evolving communications environment.

Click here to download the report from the workshop and the Dynamic Coalition meeting.